Rondo won the championship again at the age of 34. Picture/Social Media

朗多(Rondo)于34岁时再次获得冠军。Picture / Social Media

The Beijing News (Reporter Xu Bangyin) In the summer of 2008, the 22-year-old Rondo and the Green Army "Big Three" won the NBA championship trophy. In the past 12 years, Rondo has experienced serious injuries, and has moved between Lone Rangers, Kings, The Bulls, Pelicans and other teams, now 34 years old, are also fate, finally fulfilling their dream of a championship with the Lakers.


Not good at shooting, he is good at organizing offense and tough defense. Rondo has never been the kind of guard with gorgeous style, but no one can deny his contribution to the team. In 2008 and 2010, Rondo helped the Celtics into the finals twice, playing for the Lone Ranger, Bulls, and Pelicans. He also performed well in the playoffs.

他不擅长投篮,擅长组织进攻和强悍防守。 Rondo从来都不是那种风格华丽的后卫,但没人能否认他对球队的贡献。在2008年和2010年,朗多两次帮助凯尔特人队闯入决赛,分别为独行侠,公牛和鹈鹕队效力。他在季后赛中的表现也不错。

"Playoffs Rondo", this is the deepest impression of his teammates. After playing for the Lakers for two seasons, Rondo’s athletic state has been much worse than before, but after following the Lakers into the playoffs this season, Rondo’s demeanor remains the same. He made his teammates better in a limited time and helped the team. Overcome one difficulty after another.


In mid-July of this year, on the eve of the NBA's closed campus rematch, Rondo suffered a hand injury during a team training session. The team's recovery schedule was 6 to 8 weeks, which means that he will be until the Western Conference finals or even the finals. To come back. However, with strong willpower, after missing the last 8 regular season games and the first round of the playoffs, Rondo made a successful comeback in the Western Conference semifinals.


Played on the bench, except for Game 6 of the Finals, he never played more than 30 minutes, but Rondo can always seize the limited opportunity to make the greatest contribution. In Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals, Rondo scored 21 points and 9 assists to help the Lakers win a key victory; in the Western Conference finals with the Nuggets, Rondo sent a total of 37 assists; in the finals against the Heat, Rondo was second. War scored 16 points and 10 assists, and scored 19 points efficiently in the sixth game.


In the view of Lakers coach Vogel, Rondo is the backbone of the team's bench lineup, and always brings surprises when the team needs him most. When Anthony Davis frequently encountered opponents double-teaming, it was Rondo who helped the former tear the line of defense; James had limited offensive organization, and Rondo came forward to share the burden.

在湖人队教练沃格尔看来,隆多是球队替补阵容的中坚力量,当球队最需要他时总是会给他带来惊喜。当安东尼·戴维斯(Anthony Davis)经常遇到对手的双重防守时,正是隆多(Rondo)帮助前者突破了防守线。詹姆斯的进攻组织有限,朗多挺身而出,分担了重担。

After many years of playoff baptism, Rondo knows when to help his teammates and when to come forward. Although the scoring, assists and other data can no longer be compared with the Celtics, the number of three-pointers and the number of hits reached a career high in the playoffs, and the total number of assists in the playoffs also surpassed such famous players as Larry Bird and Nash .


Rondo said that the torn cruciate ligament of the knee in 2013 was a shock to him. After serving for the Lone Ranger and Queen for a short time, he felt that he was about to fade out of the league. Rondo didn't expect to usher in a freshman with the Lakers, beside James and Anthony Davis, he ushered in the second championship of his career.


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